Nachtmann - Modern Classics in Glass

Nachtmann - Modern Classics in Glass

Founded in 1834, Nachtmann is one of the best fine glass manufacturers in Germany.  For  nearly 2 centuries, Nachtmann has been manufacturing a wide range of fine crystal glass products, the collections include wine glasses, tableware and crystal ornaments.  Nachtmann has attracted many fans and collectors of their products at different times in different countries over the last 180+ years, and the reason is simple:  exquisite craftsmanship and affordable price.    


Although the brand has a long history, Nachtmanns management team understands that in order to stay competitive in the market and keep up with the pace of the times, they need to change and they must be innovative.  Therefore, in 2007, Nachtmann launched the “NextGen” project and began working with young designers from leading art colleges around the world.  So far, the brand has been working with designers from New York, Tokyo and Stockholm.  Here are some of the new series of the brand:


- In 2007, Viktoriya Braginsky from the Parsons School of Design, New York created the Slice series for Nachtmann;


- In 2010, Alvaro Uribe from the Pratt Institute of Art, New York designed the Petals collection for Nachtmann;


- In 2011, Nachtmann collaborated with Ahmet Uslu, a designer from the Swedish National Academy of Art and developed the series called Sculpture;


The NextGen project continues as the brand is creating the next generation of modern classics in glass. 


Nachtmann has a few manufacturing plants in Germany, in order to ensure the quality, all of the factories insist on the use of German raw materials and all the products are German-made with 100% machine production.


Personally, I prefer Nachtmann's Prezioso and Bubbles series.  Prezioso uses bright colors on its glasses, and the faceted surface makes the crystal glass radiant and dazzling under different lights.  Bubbles series is more playful, with those light colors on the bottom of the glasses, they become decorative objects on any table settings.


  Nachtmann Prezioso series, now available at our store。



                Nachtmann Bubbles series, now available at our store。


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